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Calling cards

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Prepaid wireless recharge service

Review prepaid wireles services - AllTell, AT&T, Boost mobile, Cingular, STI, T-mobile, TracFone.Receive Special Discounts on your cellular refills. Recharge your cell phone 24 hours a day online. Use your airtime minutes instantly!

Prepaid calling plans

domestic calls USA/Canada Flat Monthly Fee - Domestic calling plan
international calls International Flat Monthly Fee - International calling plan
  • Flat monthly payment. No Taxes & Fees
  • Easy to use
  • Save over 50% vs. generally calling cards
  • No charges per-minute
  • No commitments or contracts
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Continental calling cards features

PC-to-Phone VoIP (SIP)

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. PC to Phone services allow you make phone calls from your PC. It's feature don't have additional connection fees, setup fees and monthly fees.Great lowest rates! More about VoIP and PC-to-phone connection and scheme of VoIP

Web call

With Web Call service you can make long distance calls anywhere an internet connection is available.But no special hardware or software is required. This service is ideal for business with multinational locations and conference calling. You will talk phone-to-phone, not your PC.

Compare web call rates with regular calling cards and connect now. Sample of web call connection.

More about Web calls

PDA call

Our technology allow you start a international long distance and domestic calls with our cheap service using your PDA decice or mobile phone. You can make low cost calls to any phone cell or regular from your home, office, street or motel phones. Just enter your and destination phone numbers and both phones receive incoming calls.

You can initiate Prepaid conference calling with you business partners or friends using PDA call features anywhere in worldwide.

More about PDA calls

SMS call

SMS Call is a feature allow you make international and domestic calls from your existing SMS or text message from cell phone. You must have only cellphone with GSM-compatible network and wireless calling plan with SMS / Text messaging. Just send SMS and talk in a few seconds.

See low rates for SMS call or Sign-Up now

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Prepaid Conference Calls

Prepaid Conference Calls solution allow you start conference calls immediately. Just buy Continental calling card PIN and setup business conference calls in minutes as many people as you need across the Globe.

Try Prepaid conference calls service

SMS refill and recharge

SMS refill / recharge service get you useful option - add minutes to you calling card just by send SMS. Work 24/7. Register you cellphone number.

Details about SMS refill feature

Personal toll free number

It service allow you have personal toll free number (only for USA and Canada). Call will be redirect to toll free number. It ideal for business, military personel and family members.

More about toll free number redirection service.

Permanent PINs feature

Permanent PIN is a features available of refillable calling cards only. When you make phone calls your personal identification number is identify automatically - not need remember hard-to-remember PINs.

Permanent PIN instruction

Speed Dial feature

With Speed dial functions you may call from you phone (regular or mobile) by pressing three keys only! Not need remember long phone numbers - you will have personal phonebook. Speed dial feature may use both some calling cards (Cardinal and Euromaster for example) and cell phones.

See full list speed dial functions